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Wouldn’t it be great to eat from your garden every day of the year? That’s the idea behind my newest book, Homegrown Pantry. Over 50 food crops are covered from both gardening and kitchen angles, the start of many great adventures in homegrown food. 


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Spring 2023

I can't imagine getting through the last few years without a garden to keep me busy, sane and well fed. Growing your own food is the healthiest hobby you can undertake, and it's plenty of interesting fun, too!

The big news is that my Starter Vegetable Gardens book is back this spring, completely updated and beautifully revised to it works much better as an e-book. And see silver seal on the cover of Homegrown Pantry?! It won a Silver Award of Achievement from the Garden Writers Association as well as a Silver Award in the INDIES Book of the Year competition. Lots of gardeners want to enjoy garden-grown food every day of the year!

Looking for something I’ve written, but can’t remember where? I know the feeling! In attempt to bring order to the chaos of hundreds of articles and blogs, I’ve set up Pinterest boards of my work. The categories range from permaculture and pollinators to growing onions and garlic. I hope you find my Pinterest guide easy to use and more enjoyable than reading through long lists.

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To learn more about pretty prayer plants (red marantas), see my Maranta information page for tips and trivia.

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