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The first version of this website went up in 2006, before the concept of “blog” existed. By today’s standards that must be what I have here – welcome to Barbara Pleasant’s blog! Disclaimer: These pages are not really a blog at all, but a small collection of information pages on topics of interest to me that are not well covered elsewhere on the Net. I think of it as a sharing space for useful information I'm learning about the art of growing your own food. And drink! And flowers! I add new pages from time to time.  


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A-Z by main topic

Apple wine, recipe using frozen apples
Apple wine, clearing it naturally
Beet raisins, like on Top Chef

Blueberries, mulching

Cabbage, a favorite crop

Celery, cutting

Chicken house, a beauty

Cucumbers for pickles


Fennel, the bulb type

Funeral plants

Garlic, growing for year-round eating

Garlic chives

Hillside vegetable garden

Maranta (red prayer plant)

Mint wine, homemade

Oxalis, or shamrock plant

Rhubarb wine, homemade

Row covers, with sewing tips

Sage, garden

Stinging Nettles

Stink bugs in the house

Swedish ivy

Tomato sauce, homemade


onions curing
Some of my 2011 onion crop, curing in the wood shed

Looking for something I’ve written, but can’t remember where? I know the feeling! In attempt to bring order to the chaos of hundreds of articles and blogs, I’ve set up Pinterest boards of my work. The categories range from permaculture and pollinators to growing onions and garlic. I hope you find my Pinterest guide easy to use and more enjoyable than reading through long lists.

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