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New E-Books by Barbara Pleasant

Gardening E-Books

Every day is a good day for home grown garlic -- one of my favorite crops. I knew there was an information need based on the many thoughtful comments received on my GrowVeg blogs about home grown garlic. In addition I had picked up some wonderful regional expertise from covering garlic for Mother Earth News, plus there were all those hard lessons learned in pursuit of perfect garlic in my own garden. I have brought all this together into an e-book that should be a useful reference volume of all lovers of home grown garlic.
Local gardening information is always the best kind, and this little book is one of few on gardening in Alabama. I was among you for more than twenty years, and was long known as The Alabama Gardener to readers of Neighbors magazine. I was also garden columnist for the Huntsville Times for ten years. Alabama Gardener's Almanac, first published in 1992 and updated in 2012, is still a great month-by-month guide to have in your gardening library.
Fun Fiction

It’s 1992, and cash-strapped farmers in the Tennessee hills have planted cannabis in their corn, but there’s a problem. The pot operation has brought in the worst kind of criminal, and a teenage girl’s death has everyone worried. As the story unfolds, the home folks struggle to set things right in a place where people grow vegetable gardens, eat home cooking, and on occasion take the law into their own hands. THE SEED SAVERS is for readers who enjoy spending time in kind-hearted communities populated by imperfect people, presented here with an irresistible combination of menace, humor and warmth. 

Where did the idea for The Seed Savers come from?

Many years ago when I lived in Alabama, I knew people who grew countryside cannabis. They worked with primitive strains, and dreamed of having something better. I also knew a gifted botanist who lived like a hermit on a deserted mountain where he collected useful plants. What if he started breeding cannabis? What if something happened to his collection of seeds? From these imagined ideas the story of The Seed Savers was off and running, ready to work itself out through the actions of strong women and good men.