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Houseplant Survival Manual

I have a popular information page on Oxalis shamrock plant), too.
Thank You, Readers 
For ten years, my Houseplant Survival Manual was the top-selling book on houseplants in America, with 4.7 stars on Amazon. It makes me so happy that people are into houseplants. Thanks, readers!
I'm half Swedish, so I had to put up an information page on Swedish ivy.

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To learn more about pretty prayer plants (red marantas), see my Maranta information page for tips and trivia.

My classic intro vegetable gardening book, Starter Vegetable Gardens, has been wonderfully updated for 2023. 



Like thousands of other people, I am in houseplant killing recovery. But wait! I have the answer to the problem -- absolutely fool proof methods you can use to enjoy the company of happy houseplants. That's right, you may never kill another houseplant again.


All you must do is choose a few easy plants, and pay attention to them at least once a week. Do it after a favorite TV or radio program, or maybe as part of your Sunday night routine. Ten minutes of time, once a week, will usually do quite nicely. You can do this!

Reviews for The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual:


"A must-have manual for anyone who shares home or office space with potted plants." Booklist


"Perfect for both the beginner and the more experienced houseplant grower." Library Journal


"If you grow houseplants you need this book, and it's probably the only one you'll ever need."New Jersey Star-Ledger


"For once, there is a comprehensive book with most, if not all, of our houseplant questions answered." St. Louis Post-Dispatch


"For anyone who wants a thorough understanding of houseplants, botanically and aesthetically, the information is well organized and very complete." Washington Post

A pretty variegated fittonia, also called nerve plant

Will Houseplants Make You Smarter?


That's what one radio interviewer wanted to know....


JD: There's an interesting passage in your book on how indoor plants can help people working on computers make fewer mistakes.


BP: It was an interesting study, conducted in a room without windows at Washington State University, where people worked on computers in small cubicles. When the researchers added several houseplants to the room, performance improved by 12%, and the workers' blood pressure went down, too. Pretty impressive for something as simple as houseplants. 


Amazon data January 2023 for the Houseplant Survival Manual.