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More Books by Barbara Pleasant

First published in 2002, Garden Stone won a Garden Writers Silver award for superior writing in books. The beautiful photographs by Dency Kane illuminate the natural connections between garden and stone, so you can use stone more strategically in your landscape. "Used creatively, stone turns us into movers of mountains and students of the passage of time. This is the essence of gardening with stone." This book is now out of print, but is easy to find at used book stores or dealers. 

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From 1997
Written in 2004 for the National Home Gardening Club
My oldest books are still out there in obscure places, including these:

Warm Climate Gardening (Storey, 1993)

The Handbook of Southern Vegetable Gardening (Peachtree, 1984)



Published in 2006 by Yankee and Rodale, Easy Garden Projects to Make, Build or Grow is probably the best how-to book I have ever written. It did not stay in print very long, which is hard to figure with 5-star reviews. If you like taking on simple garden projects that give great results, this book is worth seeking out, but don't mess around. Only a limited number of books were printed, so soon they may be rare finds. 

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From 1998, great work done with Lois Chaplin
From 2003, Cool Springs Press
2004, from Square One Publishers