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Starter Vegetable Gardens

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A person is fortunate indeed when their personal and professional goals come together, which is exactly what happened with Starter Vegetable Gardens. First published in 2010, Starter Vegetable Gardens is radically updated and revised for 2023.


Professionally, I was challenged to condense and distill 30 years of experience as a vegetable gardener and writer into a practical guide for beginning gardeners. It worked! The book makes it possible for anyone to garden successfully, their very first season, without having to memorize an encyclopedia of horticultural information.

Some of my favorite Amazon reviews:

“Originally checked this book out from the library and renewed it twice it was so helpful to me as a new gardener. Lots of pictures and tips and stays away from becoming droll. My family can probably blame this book for turning me into the garden nerd I am now.” Smoke the Cat, 2017


“I love this book!! Checked it out at the library and finally decided I wanted it to have. It really works, I have used her plans to start gardens at two different homes. Our current farm has very poor soil and it has taken me 3 years to get a healthy productive garden growing.” GrazingAcres, 2015


“We are getting ready to buy our forever home and I would like a garden. This book is perfect for helping figure out how to start one. Not too complicated but it didn't make me feel like an idiot either! The book itself is large, but not fat. They didn't cram a whole bunch of filler blaa, blaa talk in it just to make it look more substantial. It didn't need it. Perfect just the way it is!” E and K Tolson, 2015


“I refer to this book again and again. I get more out of this gardening book every time. This is a great primer and also an educator for those who have been gardening for a long time. I hope you like this as much as I did. I have loads of gardening books and I go back to this one again and again.” Dippy Diner, 2014

pole filet beans
Pole filet beans

"Growing at least some of your own food will change your life for the better."

Barbara Pleasant


This book belongs in every food gardener's library. Barbara Pleasant knows what beginning gardeners need to know (and not know). And for advanced gardeners, there are plenty of tips based on the latest research."

Cheryl Long, Editor in Chief

Mother Earth News


"What a fabulous book! Like good garden advice that's been handed down for generations, this book is packed with options and written by a real gardener with deep awareness and knowledge of what it takes to make a garden."

Rosalind Creasy, Author

Edible Landscaping

snow pea blossoms
Snow pea blossoms
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