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Barbara Pleasant: Speeches and Special Projects

My Speaking Schedule


My garden, my work and community events keep me too busy during the summer, but I love talking with gardening groups in spring and fall.
If I am coming to your area but you are stranger to the host group, let me know. Gardeners are generous people who want to turn the whole world green, so an extra chair or two can always be found.

Coming Up in 2017

April 15, Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, VA

May 3, Official release of Homegrown Pantry!

May 6-7 - Mother Earth News Fair, Asheville, NC

June 10-11 - Mother Earth News Fair, Burlington, VT

July 14 – Book release Floyd Center for the Arts, Floyd, VA

Sept. 8-9 - Heritage Harvest Festival, Charlottesville, VA

Sept 15-16 - Mother Earth News Fair, Seven Springs, PA

This is the nicest interview with Theresa Loe at Living Homegrown. Give it a listen!

Recent favorites from Mother Earth News


Crop At A Glance Collection – Three years of fine crop profiles, with variety charts and beautiful illustrations by Keith Ward.


Best Tips for Starting Seeds Indoors brings together workable ideas I learned the hard way, and from dozens of experienced gardeners.


When Eating Greens Is Not Good For You is my latest story on systemic pesticides in food crops. If you care, please read it and post your thoughts. If you don’t care, please wake up. You’ve been asleep long enough.



See my YouTube videos on compost gardening, growing veggies in a row greenhouse, and even a haunting hornets' nest.