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Barbara Pleasant: The Dogs!

The greatest tall dog there ever was, our beloved Izzy passed away in May 2012 at age 18. She died as she lived. She nabbed a rabbit during the last week of her earth walk, and spent her last days and hours at home, constantly attended by the people she loved most. 
Leon took it hard when the pups came, so he went to live in the woods for a while. He finally caved, though, and is back at home being my kitty boy again.

Ella is usually so prissy, but she was the first kitteh to accept the pups as additional staff. She thought we needed a property dog, but two???

beautiful mixed breed dog
Mr T even talks like Mr T. Don't be a fool, stay in school!
mixed breed puppies
mixed breed puppies
 A few days after their adoption, the pups showed their interest in gardening by shredding a cabbage. The bag of potting soil lasted four days.
Having a sibling pair is so sweet! T winds down before Miss Daisy, so late morning often produces scenes like this.
"Stop?? Are you serious?? We thought you said you wanted this bed double dug. Besides, we think there's a vole in this hole here..."


Deer, rabbits and other wildlife were getting too close for comfort when we lost Izzy's services as property dog. After weeks of careful thought, we were ready to find one or two young mixed breed dogs with the right genes for holding their territory while being nice companion dogs -- what we call property dogs.
We could hardly believe it when we met then-named "Chubby" (center) and "Belle" (left) at the June Adoption Day event hosted by the Floyd Humane Society. A week later they came to live with us, and proved to be such wonderful dogs that my daughter, Madison, picked a third litter-mate for herself (right). The gleesome threesome of mixed breed puppies have very happy lives!
The pups go to school almost every day. They are fast learners, but they probably need better teachers. We have read half of the dog training books available at the library, and we are up to "lie down." We all have so much to learn!

Daisy Duke is not as big as her brother, but she's fast and nimble. She cans smile when she wants her humans to let her inside. In play, she uses the same facial muscles to make scary faces.


Sometimes we think Daisy might benefit from talk therapy for some anxiety issues, but not TBone. What is there to worry about?